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Forever Dogs eBook


This ePub digital file version of Forever Dogs has all of the same content in exactly the same order as the print book.  It IS the book, with the same dog-voiced imaginations and precious antique and vintage dog photos, just in digital format.  


Playful pups do most of the talking via captions, poetry, ads, short stories, pup advice, newsworthy tidbits, and dog connections to iconic organizations.  It is a fiction/nonfiction rainbow created for all the dog-loving humans left behind when life's memorable pooches became...Forever Dogs.


Have you hugged a dog today?  It's so worth it!


#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Dean Koontz, said:

"This book is a delightfully strange, warm, charming celebration of one of Earth's greatest wonders and treasures--the dog."


Check out the "Book Reviews and Recognitions" page for more on this book.






Forever Dogs (Digital)

  • Forever Dogs eBook


    NOTE:  Because of the more than 350 photos in Forever Dogs, this eBook was created in "fixed format", meaning that some features, like changing fonts and sizes to your liking, may not work on all digital devices.  Instead, the pages appear just as they appear in the print version of the book.


    This is an "ePub" file of about 40MB, with 306 pages.  That means that all of the fun content from the print book is available via this digital file, but some text may appear small on some readers (like phones).  Even though you cannot change the font size, you can still expand the screen with the two-finger method if need be, and it should not be necessary on iPads, tablets, laptops, etc., where this file will work well.


    Enjoy Forever Dogs again and again!  

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