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"This book is a a delightfully strange, warm, charming celebration of one of Earth's

greatest wonders and treasures--the dog."
--Dean Koontz, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author



"A wonderfully entertaining read from first page to last, "Forever Dogs: Wit and Wisdom from the Great Canine Beyond - Wagging Tails Telling Tales" will prove to be a welcome addition to the personal reading lists of anyone with their own canine companion, as well as an enduringly popular addition to community library Pets/Wildlife collections."

--Midwest Book Review


"Mixing humor and poignancy, history and fantasy, Tricia Spencer has created an eclectic scrapbook

of talking dogs, vintage photos, and intriguing dog influences that even this life-long dog lover

never knew existed. 

Without question, Forever Dogs is a fun addition to the wonderful world of dogs."
--Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian", founder of Fear Free, syndicated columnist,

and author of 23 books, including three New York Times bestsellers

"A warm, fuzzy walk with your dog down memory lane with fun vintage fur-filled photos,

a reminder of the  unbreakable human-animal bond we have shared with our canine companions

throughout the ages."
--Mark Winter, CEO/Executive Producer of Pet Life Radio

"Time goes by, but the heart-centered authentic nature of dogs stays unchanged. 

This is such a sweet book with which to enjoy dogs and their lives with people, over the decades."
--Tamar Geller, celebrity dog expert and author the the New York Times

bestseller, The Loved Dog

"Those of us who have truly loved our pets know well the delight of having them in our lives,

as well as the sadness we all experience when losing them. 

Forever Dogs delivers a wealth of those memories in a most creative and entertaining way."
--Mike Arms, President/CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, creator of

Remember Me Thursday,

International Pet Adoptathon, and Home 4 The Holidays

"Funny and Entertaining.  A great book to read and share with your dog-loving friends."
--Walter Salas-Humara, singer/songwriter and creator/artist of WALTER'S DOGS

"Tricia Spencer’s clever book, Forever Dogs: Wit and Wisdom From the
Great Canine Beyond – Wagging Tails Telling Tales!, speaks from the
heart, passing on the secrets of unconditional love (and fun and
happiness and laughter and so much more) from one dog lover to another...
a collage of photographs, captions, sayings, poems and so much more to make the reader

laugh, cry, and just savor the complexity of true puppy love.

A wonderful tribute to those who went
before us and wait to rejoin us in the great beyond. This is a book to
savor over and over again."
--Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite




"As television and radio took the stage, there were many embracing a past to make their stardom. The Touch of Roy and Dale: The Impact and Influence of Roy Rogers, The King of the Cowboys, and Dale Evans, The Queen of the West, As Only Their Fans Could Tell It, is a fan gathering surrounding these western stars of the mid-twentieth century, creating firm memories of the period. 

Offering a personal collection of thoughts and nostalgia, there are new photo and other media spread throughout.  Fans of the legacy of the western should embrace The Touch of Roy and Dale, very much recommended."

--Midwest Book Review



"Tricia Spencer's inspired book invites you to laugh and cry and feel the love just as my parents did when they actually received the mountains of cards and letters from their family of fans. You will also get to read the thoughts and memories of friends and family members. I know you will enjoy getting to know the fans of the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West, or as I and my siblings knew them...Mom and Dad. God bless the fans."

--Roy "Dusty" Rogers, Jr.

"There are many ways to measure people's fame and success, but the most foolproof method is to measure how they touched the lives of others. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were second to none when measured by the levels of love and loyalty from their fans. Tricia Spencer has tapped right into that wellspring of appreciation with this book. We truly see not just what kind of performers Roy and Dale were, but also what kind of people they were, and it's all presented through the words of their fans."

--Greg Bell, Old Time Radio Expert and National Host of "When Radio Was" & Sirius XM's Channel 82 "Radio Classics"




Benjamin Franklin Book Awards - Top 10 in Biography - Top 10 in Cover


"I highly recommend The Touch of Roy and Dale, Volume II, and you can't have this book unless you have The Touch of Roy and Dale, Volume I.  These are truly the best two books I've ever read about real-life people!


--Joy Hannabass, Reader's Favorite Book Reviews


Surely you didn't think the author went through all the mail to, and thoughts on, Roy and Dale! It's a review of the effect the pair had and continues to have on lives so many years later…done through letters, essays, poems, songs inspired, and more. Some performers are represented here, too, and comments from people who worked closely with them behind the scenes. There are more than 600 private collection photos! It is solid adulation. Is there any personality on earth today who could win that kind of love? Of course, this book will be appreciated by those who were there during those years. But those who weren't shouldn't write it off, either.

--Rick Huff's Best of the West Reviews, Western Way Magazine

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans touched the hearts of a generation of people who dreamed about heading west. This 320-page paperback, compiled by author Tricia Spencer, takes a look at the influence the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West had on millions. The story is told through photos, letters, poetry, stories, and other writings by friends, fans, and their grandchildren.

Through the years, Rogers and Evans received an astounding amount of fan mail that went beyond requests for autographed photos. The letters were sincere sentiments describing the personal inspiration the couple was to so many, from those who survived troubled childhoods to military men in combat.

A black-and-white scrapbook of nostalgia, this volume is a tribute to a couple who not only entertained but also changed lives.

--Western Horseman Magazine


Best Nonfiction Book Award Winner

  Southwest Writers


"Very entertaining and informative. A must read for all servers!"

--Lori James, Professional Food Server


"Offers professional servers, or those just passing through on their way to another career, plenty of helpful hints to increase gratuities. With a common sense approach and plenty of anecdotal evidence from a customer perspective, Tricia Spencer invites the reader to test her theories and put them into daily practice. The book features a lively narrative that's easy to read and entertaining to boot."

--Ellen Koteff, Executive Editor



"Tips is full of useful, insightful information presented in an inviting and easy-to-digest format. Servers who follow Ms. Spencer's advice will undoubtedly increase their sense of professionalism, improve their performance, and increase their tips."

--Jennifer Kramer Williams, Editor



"This book is a strong key to achieving superior service, making more money, and realizing better long-term relations with restaurant guests. The valuable content makes any manager's training task easier and more effective. I give this book the highest recommendation. It's an amazing tool for the food service industry."

--Guillermo Castillo, Restaurant General Manager



Brides-to-be need help and Tricia Spencer's 1,001 Wedding Ideas provides it in enviable ways. In 14 chapters and 544 pages, this carefully planned resource takes the stress out of wedding planning with start-to-finish suggestions about the gnarly process. Every phase is covered: from wedding themes; rehearsal dinner; reception and ceremony locations; ceremony preparations; wedding party; the gown; food and drink; stationery; music; decorations; flowers; reception activities; and last minute problems and solutions. Think of it as a bridal life (and sanity) preserver.

--Barnes & Noble Editorial Review


May I begin and end every day

with a simple act of kindness

A touch, a word, a sacrifice, a helpful act, a listening ear

And may I look at another living being and wonder what small thing I could do to brighten their day...then take action to make it happen

And may I understand that kindness from the heart is a forever gift that bestows the infinite joy of generosity upon the receiver...and the giver

...I am thankful

...Kindness Prayer from Happiness Be Mine!  My "Just for Me" Spirit Prayers Joyful Living Journal

(available in 2022)