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More than 350 photos and 304 pages of fun and fantasy for dog lovers!


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Forever Dogs (Paperback)

  • Forever Dogs Speak!


    Welcome to the dog-voiced imaginations of Forever Dogs: Wit and Wisdom from the Great Canine Beyond -- Wagging Tails Telling Tales!  Immortalized in vintage photos that span more than a century, long-ago tail-waggers tickle humankind with a laugh, a smile, or a heartstring tug, as they share their innermost thoughts.


    Playful pups do most of the talking, via captions, poetry, ads, short stories, pup advice, newsworthy tidbits, and dog connection to iconic organizations, but a few human voices share dog tales, too.


    Flush with pictorial slices of days gone by, as well as unusual "Doggone Smart" associations between dogs and enduring pillars of American life, this book is a fiction/nonficiton rainbow created for al the dog-loving humans left behind when life's memorable pooches became...Forever Dogs.


    ISBN:  9780971509818

    Publisher: Lilac Bloom Press

    304 pages, paperback


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